My Digital Narrative Game: Street-sweepers

The Game:

For my research, I relied on both Primary & Secondary Sources, to be able to fully understand the street-sweeper’s experiences and be able to present their story fairly to the audience.

My Primary Research consisted of me talking to someone who was in charge of a private company which organised the street-sweepers, but was still pushed around by the government. I asked about their conditions, their main problems and any positivity they might experience. They worked very closely with the street-sweepers and knew them personally very well, allowing me to be content with the information I received.

Secondary Research was mainly reading articles about the government and how they handle street-sweepers, how they manage the country’s garbage flow and so on.

These were the main websites I used:


My Digital Narrative Game: Street-sweepers

3 thoughts on “My Digital Narrative Game: Street-sweepers

  1. I love this game! In the beginning, I was surprised by the amount of pay they receive per month while having to build a family! And in my first try, I got fired right away for no good reason, which is a normal situation any street-sweeper goes through. We always complain that Egypt is not the cleanest, while not thinking what the street sweepers go through to try to clean the street after us, while we carelessly through our garbage on the ground.
    It is a simple game, yet it contains a very important message!

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