Final Draft: Street-Sweepers

Street-Sweepers Digital Narrative

My improvements:

I rechecked all the photos I used in the game to make sure that I was not violating any CC licenses. Some photos were found in articles with no reference back to them, even when trying to originate the source I found nothing useful, so my assumption is that no one will mind if I use them. The rest of the photos were from a website called Alamy, which included stock photos from all around the world. The pictures had a watermark and a reference back to the website as well as the name of photo at the bottom, allowing me to use it as it gives credit back to them.

One remark I got was to put some positivity into my digital narrative. Even though street-sweepers hardly experience any positivity, I still tried to add something encouraging (even if minor).. After thinking about it, adding something optimistic can actually help with raising awareness at how the simplest of things can make street-sweepers happy, and at how infrequently those events occur.. And so I decided to add a scenario of hope, which I personally see happening a lot, where a person approaches a street-sweeper and gives them old clothes they don’t need, or gives them a bag of food in occasions such as Ramadan.

If I had more time and more resources to work with, I would have liked to add statistics and hard-hitting facts at the end of each decision, just to validate the message I want to send and make the digital narrative more educational. But unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on any reliable statistics in this short period of time, especially as I didn’t find any from my secondary research.

I would have also liked to be able to use a new tool to develop my digital narrative to make it more interactive. To make it look like something along the lines of ‘Spent‘, where the user’s income is displayed on the side, therefore impacting our decisions and making it even more tense. This would have been very effective with my narrative idea seeing as poverty is one of the major issues presented to the audience. But again, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to learn to use a new platform with such detail.


Final Draft: Street-Sweepers

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